About Aptera

About Aptera

We are a small but growing team of technologists dedicated to simplifying the process of purchasing complex services and products that cannot be reduced to a spec sheet and sticker price. You will find us in industries that don't sell through big box stores, where customization is traditionally needed to match the unique and evolving needs of every customer. Small businesses can't see around corners to know what their needs will be in 18 months, but we work to provide the tools to educate buyers on flexible solutions that work for multiple growth scenarios.

Refining The Purchasing Process

We believe that educating the customer is the single most important element to ensure customer satisfaction in both residential and business related purchasing decisions. Our industry experts provide clarity while taking care not to overwhelm customers with product feature lists that add no value. Before you ever talk to a salesperson, Aptera has crunched millions of pricing data points, hundreds of thousands of customer requests, details from our 700,000+ partners, customer feedback and more to purposely limit options to those that actually work. This succinct, on-the-fly custom recommendation is what we call Cruxtera, and we work to refine it everyday.

From Humble Beginnings

Back in 2003 Aptera founder Chris Lavery started a consulting business to help telecommunications and industrial equipment customers transition their business processes online. As Chris grew his client base to over 200 businesses, he noticed that in certain industries customers had a set of 'custom' requirements to meet before purchasing. He realized that if someone could utilize vast amounts of big data along with expert industry specific knowledge they would revolutionize the process, and he created Aptera in 2011 to do just that. With just under $1.25 million dollars in private funding and 11 employees, Chris has grown Aptera at a measured pace and kept the company profitable since 2014. Originally conceptualized as 'Apt-Era', a company that would bring us into an "intelligent era" of purchasing, our brand was simplified in 2015 and we are now known simply as Aptera.

Company Culture

While we do nurture a fun and relaxed office environment, we also maintain a solemn dedication to providing premier support for our customers and partner companies. Aptera employees know that maintaining and enhancing product quality is more important than margins and short term profits- and act accordingly. Our organization structure is very flat and and even our newest employees have access to all levels of management on a daily basis. We are golfers, readers, soccer players, dog lovers, paddle boarders, foodies and bon vivants, but most importantly we are family. We are also growing so ask us about employment opportunities.